Aligned customer oriented

UTEK – Engineering Services since 1994

Solution partner for companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical and plant engineering industries

As experts in plant approval procedures, plant safety validation (explosion protection concepts, protective measures) and plant maintenance planning, we work for major brands –mostly from the chemical, pharmaceutical and plant engineering industries.

Expertise, a structured, demand- and customer-oriented way of working, but also innovative thinking characterize our company UTEK. Whenever possible, our engineers systematically implement our customers’ specifications on schedule. Our employees react flexibly to changing requirements. Relevant information is actively requested by the client in order to accelerate the progress of the project.

Due to our clearly defined and realized service understanding, our customers work with us on a long-term basis and also often make recommendations. UTEK is your first address for convincing engineering services around planning, process automation, approvals, plant safety, qualification and maintenance planning.

We stand for clarity and reliability

UTEK offers you competent contact persons.
Our employees are always competent contact persons for you. This is because UTEK engineers have comprehensive training and further education and, in most cases, already have project experience at various locations. Therefore, they work in a particularly structured and result-oriented manner.

UTEK supports customers on site.
We usually work on site – at the customer’s location – in close cooperation with the responsible employees of our customers. In the process, we get to know all the specifics. This leads to good cooperation and helps to avoid critical, expensive misunderstandings.

UTEK takes over coordination tasks.
We stand by our customers and, if desired, coordinate the work with the specialist departments and external companies involved within the projects being worked on. This is because we want to complement our customers’ depth of knowledge with our experience, but also to help relieve them of time-consuming organizational activities.

UTEK works proactively and specifically requests information from its customers.
In order to avoid work delays and to be able to use resources and competences effectively, we think with and ahead. We always request all the necessary information for achieving work results from the responsible specialist departments at an early stage.

UTEK carefully conducts project reviews.
We face the discussion and review of work results. We use the review of a completed project together with our customers to look at the positive aspects as well as the aspects of the project that need optimization.

UTEK complies with environmental and safety regulations.
It goes without saying that we carefully comply with the environmental protection and safety standards of our clients. After all, like our customers, we see ourselves as having a responsibility to nature and the common good. Keeping the environmental impact of production processes as low as possible is an important concern for us.

Curious about UTEK? We are also curious about you and look forward to hearing from you!