Detailed advice and relieving support

Professional Compliance Engineering

Commitment to compliance with the recognized rules – systematically and competently

UTEK has more than twenty years of experience in implementing regulatory requirements and more than fifteen years of experience in performing process hazard analyses. UTEK also adopts and takes into account changed, extended or additional requirements and further develops compliance engineering with its customers.

Our services for you at a glance:

Process hazard analyses (HAZOP/PAAG/A test certificates)

  • With UTEK you can systematically identify hazards. We realize the implementation of complete HAZOPs / PAAGs or revalidation HAZOPs / PAAGs for existing plants (HAZOP = Hazard and Operability).
  • We also manage the execution of concurrent project HAZOPs (HAZID/concept HAZOP, design HAZOP, design HAZOP, and as-built/commissioning HAZOP) for you. These include:
    • the review and evaluation of existing plant documentation,
    • an on-site survey of the actual condition and a comparison with current flow diagrams and plant data as well as a comparison with the customer’s internal documentation,
    • the determination of the consideration limits and definition of the partial plants/target functions,
    • the content preparation of the target functions based on the parameters to be considered (e. g. flow, pressure, temperature) and keywords (e.g. more, none),
    • a graphical representation of the target functions in process and RI flow diagrams with CAD (e. g. Microstation),
    • the moderation and logging of HAZOP meetings,
    • the evaluation of existing I&C equipment and assignment and classification into appropriate protection classes according to the LOPA procedure,
    • the performance of SIL assessments according to VDI-2180 for existing MSR facilities,
    • the definition of actions and measures with the HAZOP team,
    • checking the implementation of the measures and, if necessary, incorporating the measures into the HAZOP,
    • the preparation of the final documentation according to the customer’s specifications.
  • Specialist software is used to perform and document HAZOPs (e. g. PHA-Pro or Lihou HAZOP Manager).

When investigating the safety of technical systems, you have a competent, systematically working partner in UTEK, in order to detect possible faults and dangers at an early stage and to be able to react adequately with suitable measures.

Compliance engineering with UTEK – general consulting, with expertise in regulatory compliance

  • UTEK offers consulting services, for example, in the fields of immission protection, explosion protection, hazardous substances and industrial safety regulations, taking into account the technical regulations and the requirements to be derived from them.
  • We support you in the evaluation of the approvability around the construction of new plants and help you with our special know-how in planned changes to existing plants.
  • We offer customers a summary of the current status of operational plant documentation.
  • Furthermore, you will receive a review and optimization of your plant documentation, taking into account technical compliance aspects.
  • UTEK offers the execution of CE conformity assessments for process plants.

Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG): New permits, change permits and change notifications according to the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG)

The construction and operation of certain polluting industrial plants and certain modifications to such plants require approval under immission control law. Which plants this concerns in detail is laid down in the Ordinance on Plants Requiring a Permit (4. BImSchV). We, the engineers of UTEK, accompany and support companies competently and expertly from the beginning with the procedural requirements to be implemented by law and guarantee you the greatest possible relief with the administrative tasks. Our range of services for you includes the following points:

  • the processing of the set of forms,
  • drawing up plant and operating descriptions and preparing statements on the subjects of occupational safety, fire protection, immission control, water protection and waste,
  • coordinating the definition of further technical (e.g. fire protection) measures based on specifications – in particular from the state building code or the industrial safety ordinance,
  • processing construction documents,
  • the creation of basic and process flow diagrams,
  • the creation of emission and dispersion calculations according to TA Luft,
  • the creation of UVP screening documents (general preliminary examination in accordance with Section 7 UVPG),
  • the assessment of changes to the systems relevant to accidents,
  • Coordination of expert opinions (e.g. AwSV statements, immission protection and noise immission forecasts, fire protection concepts),
  • the time-consuming preparation and maintenance of contacts with the authorities,
  • Coordinating the ancillary provisions of the approval notice (or the draft) with the responsible departments and the authorities,
  • correspondence with the authorities (e.g. processing of objections),
  • preparing a systematic follow-up of conditions.

Major Accidents Ordinance (12th BImSchV)

In order to guarantee the requirements for plant safety, environmental protection and fire protection in accordance with the Major Accidents Ordinance, it is important to deal extensively and decisively with certain crisis and incident scenarios from the outset. The Major Accidents Ordinance is intended to help prevent incidents wherever possible or to limit their effects. UTEK offers customers the following support:

  • the preparation of a concept for the prevention of incidents on the basis of the existing safety management system,
  • the preparation, updating and revision of safety reports in accordance with the 12th BImSchV (for existing plants and as part of permit applications),
  • the implementation and evaluation of dispersion scenarios for nonetheless incidents and reasonably foreseeable incidents using the ProNuSs incident simulation software.

Requirements of the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances (GefStoffV) and explosion protection

  • UTEK’s specialist:s are thoroughly familiar with the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances and with the issues of explosion protection and will be happy to assist you in the preparation of all essential documents. In particular, we support you:
  • in the creation/supplementation of explosion protection documents according to § 6 of the GefStoffV,
  • in the preparation/supplementation of explosion protection concepts based on TRGS 720 – 725 and TRGS 727, including the performance of ignition source assessments,
  • in the preparation of the list of release sources – with special consideration of the Explosion Protection Directive (Ex-RL/DGUV-R 113-001, former BGR 104) and other relevant technical rules and standards,
  • in the preparation and updating of Ex zone plans,
  • in the preparation and coordination of Ex tests by competent persons or ZÜS.

Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV)

UTEK supports you in ensuring the safety of your company and your employees. To make this happen, we offer the following support:

  • Structure and revision of documentations according to BetrSichV
    • Classification of equipment and determination of the necessary scope of documentation
    • Creation and maintenance of equipment and piping lists
    • Determination of inspection obligations (initial inspection, periodic inspection, inspection records, requirements for the inspector), especially for pressure equipment and systems with explosion hazards
    • Procurement of necessary manufacturer documentation according to BetrSichV
    • Compilation and assembly of plant and test documentation
  • Carrying out risk assessments in accordance with § 3 of the BetrSichV
  • Preparation of operating instructions according to § 12 of the BetrSichV
  • Preparation of permit applications in accordance with § 18 of the Industrial Safety Regulation, taking into account the requirements of LASI publication LV 49, e.g. for the storage and filling of flammable liquids or flammable gases
  • Coordination of the preparation of the ZÜS test report by the commissioned ZÜS
  • Preparation and coordination of ZÜS acceptance tests for pressure equipment and systems requiring permits

Water Resources Act (WHG) / Ordinance on Installations for Handling Substances Hazardous to Water (AwSV)

The obligation of plant operators to comply with certain rules when handling substances hazardous to water requires a structured approach to the complex topic and consistent systematics in the implementation of measures. The engineers of UTEK offer you comprehensive support in this regard:

  • preparing applications for permission to discharge wastewater into a surface water body or to withdraw water from a surface water body,
  • the preparation of sewer system notifications in accordance with § 57 of the State Water Act (LWG),
  • the preparation and updating of wastewater registers,
  • the preparation of suitability determinations for so-called LAU facilities,
  • the preparation of notifications according to § 40 AwSV for the modification of AwSV plants subject to testing,
  • Determination and calculation of required and existing retention volumes on the basis of TRwS 779 and TRwS 785 and the extinguishing water retention guideline,
  • the creation of plant registers and plant documentation according to § 43 AwSV and relevant regulations (especially worksheet DWA-A 779)
    • the classification and definition of the water-legal delimitation of the plant,
    • analyzing and evaluating the plant design,
    • researching plant data and procedures,
    • compiling the permit situation
    • the preparation of the plant description and presentation of the retention concept,
    • the structure of the documentation.
  • Preparation and coordination of AwSV plant inspections by experts (prior to commissioning, recurring, decommissioning).

Determination of the approval status for existing plants and buildings

UTEK also offers you comprehensive support in determining the approval status for existing plants and buildings. Our engineers use user-oriented databases for this purpose.

  • The evaluation and analysis of the existing permits,
  • the presentation of the “approval history” of the facilities and buildings under consideration,
  • the creation of inventories of the current permit status,
  • the creation of an ancillary permit tracking system,
  • the development of inventories for facilities subject to monitoring and inspection.

Management of Change (MOC)

  • The preparation, definition and follow-up of MOC measures; coordination with the specialist departments involved and other external service providers,
  • The preparation, implementation and definition of measures for plant handovers (handover protocol/Pre Startup Safety Review (PSSR), follow-up of implementation).


In short, we offer our customers a wide range of compliance engineering services. So that necessary approvals can take place quickly.