Fascination as a driver for best solutions

Efficiency-enhancing engineering

Optimal use of resources through process automation

At UTEK Process Automation, we handle each task in such a way that we achieve the best, safest and most cost-effective solution for you.

Our engineering services in process automation at a glance:

Consulting – preliminary project/costing/scheduling

  • Editing the RI flowsheets in collaboration with process engineering.
  • Preparation of the EMR job list
  • Determination of the automation concept
  • Pre-calculation of planning / equipment / material and assembly costs

Basic Engineering

  • Determination of EMR device technology/design of measuring devices
  • Creation of EMR location sheets and consumer location sheets
  • Calculating the energy demand
  • Defining installation standards
  • Defining the Ex-protection types
  • Design of control rooms and switch rooms
  • Creating signal assignment lists for PLC and PLS
  • Processing of inquiry documents/quotation comparison

Detail Engineering

  • Planning of control cabinets
  • Creation of cable lists, marshalling lists
  • Planning of drive, lighting and field distributor installations
  • Planning of power current run and EMR points
  • Documenting power distributions
  • Preparing power distribution occupancy lists and testing documents
  • Preparing field distribution and equipment cabinet occupancy lists

Assembly supervision and commissioning

  • Supervision of assembly and acceptance
  • Loop check/function tests
  • Checking the function of the PLC/DCS user software
  • Support during commissioning; instruct operator staff
  • Updating the documentation
  • Optimization of the plant

Migration of process control systems

  • Planning of the replacement of existing obsolete control systems (AEG A400) with PCS7 process control systems in production and filling plants


UTEK Gesellschaft für Prozessautomation is a sister company of the UTEK engineering office. This is reflected in the color of the logo. Co-owner and managing director of the company is Uwe Marschner, further co-owners are the shareholders of the engineering office UTEK, for which Martin Tump performs the tasks of the managing director.