Maintenance planning, managing value wisely

Value-preserving: Safeguarding the function of existing processes and equipment.

At UTEK, we don’t just plan new things.

Maintenance planning with the UTEK engineering office also means developing concepts for the maintenance of new and existing plants. Such planning of plant maintenance pays off because it helps to reduce cost-intensive investments and it is also resource-saving. An overview of the engineering services from our portfolio that contribute to optimizing the service life, safety and added value of your plants:

Organization of regular maintenance

  • Selection of equipment for scheduled maintenance, especially taking into account quality and product liability aspects, plant availability, environmental and safety regulations and given norms, guidelines and standards
  • Preparation of necessary work documents (activity descriptions, specification sheets, checklists, inspection records)
  • Determination of inspection methods (thermography, vibration measurements, oil analysis)
  • Introduction of suitable tools for deadline tracking and evaluation of activities using existing resources or new EDP solutions
  • Establishment of a system for monitoring inspection equipment
  • Control and optimization of the system through regular analysis of the activities carried out

“Maintenance planning” with SAP PM module

  • Consulting for the implementation of the element “maintenance planning” in the SAP PM module
  • Design and development of maintenance concepts
  • Implementation of the concept in the maintenance planning element of the SAP PM module (Creation of maintenance strategies, elaboration of master plans, creation of maintenance task lists, maintenance items and maintenance plans)
  • Carrying out personnel training for the application of the concept

EDP systems

  • Support in the introduction of EDP systems (elaboration of requirement profiles, creation of functional specifications)
  • Creation of user-oriented databases to support work processes, e. g. for time and performance-based maintenance planning and for equipment management

Management systems in maintenance planning

  • Establishment and further development of management systems in maintenance (quality/environment/integrated management systems)
  • Carrying out inventories (target/actual comparison)
  • Documenting the management system according to customer specifications
  • Support in the effective implementation of the measures

To maintain the value of your plants, it is worthwhile to rely on our experienced engineers. In UTEK you have a strong and reliable partner.