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Planning that considers and thinks through all relevant aspects

At UTEK, you can always expect the best engineering. We support your project from the very beginning. Our engineering services in the planning of plants for you at a glance:

Pre Basic Engineering and Basic Engineering

  • Carrying out process comparisons for the selection or optimization of production processes
  • Creation of process- and energy-technical concepts
  • Preparation of basic, process and RI flow diagrams (with Microstation SE or AutoCAD)
  • Preparation of material, mass and energy balances, if necessary with the help of process simulations (with ChemCAD or ASPEN)
  • Creation of plant and process descriptions
  • Process engineering and cGMP-compliant design of machines and equipment
  • Preparation of technical specifications, data sheets and inquiry drawings of all equipment for inquiries and orders

Detail Engineering

  • Detailed construction and design taking into account
    • of given norms, codes and standards,
    • of environmental and safety regulations,
    • of cGMP regulations,
    • the requirements for maintenance and repair,
    • the existing infrastructure (situation on site)
    • the dimensioning of standard components (e. g. piping, control valves, safety valves)
  • Elaboration of the technical specifications of the data sheets
  • Elaboration of inquiry drawings of all equipment for inquiries and orders
  • Execution of technical offer comparisons (elaboration of a decision matrix)
  • Compiling the technical documentation according to the customer’s specifications

Installation supervision and commissioning incl. compliance engineering

  • Assumption of construction and assembly supervision
  • Preparation of acceptance tests and inspections (e. g. in accordance with the Pressure
  • Commissioning of plants
  • Carrying out installation, function and performance tests
  • As-built inspections of rebuilt or newly constructed (partial) plants

UTEK is your competent engineering partner in every phase. Implementing new challenges appropriately, that is our strength. We look forward to hearing from you!